Thursday, May 24, 2012


Directions: Answer all questions in complete sentences on a sheet of notebook paper. Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. All work is due tomorrow. No late papers will be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS!

21. Who does Tony work for and why?
22. What are Maria and Anita doing when we first meet them?
23. What does Maria want Anita to do to her dress? Does Anita comply? Why or why not?
24. What happened at the dance between Tony and Mari? How does Bernardo react when he sees Maria and Tony together?
25. What challenge does Riff present to Bernardo at the dance?
26.Who is Anybodys? Why do think she has that name?
27. What song  do the  Sharks whistle as leave Doc’s store? (Answer in a complete sentence.) Choose your song from the following selections:
a) Dixie  b) Gee Officer Krupke   c) I Feel Pretty   d)My Country ‘Tis of Thee
28. Why do they whistle that particular tune at that particular time?
29.During their mock wedding in the dress shop, Tony and Maria sing, “One Hand One Heart”. How does this song fit this moment and scene?
30. What happened when Tony tried to stop the fight? Describe in great detail.
31. Why did Tony stab Bernardo? How and why does this further complicate the problems between Tony and Maria?
32. Who told Maria about what happened to Bernardo at the rumble? Does she believe it at first? What does she rush to do in her bedroom?
33. Tony and Maria sang “Somewhere”. Describe this “place” where they want to be.
34. Who advises the Jets to stay cool? Why should they stay cool?
35. In the song, “A Boy Like That” how does Anita respond to Maria when she finds Tony and Maria have been together?
36. What is Maria’s answer in “I Have a Love”?
37. What does Anita decide to do for Maria?
38. When Tony is told that Chino killed Maria, how does he feel and what does he do?
39. What is Maria’s message to the Sharks and the Jets after Chino killed Tony? What does Maria say is the cause of Riff’s, Bernardo’s and Tony’s death?
40. What do you think is the message of this story?

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